2024 : A Milestone Year for the FHH Academy

The year ahead marks a significant moment for the Fondation Haute Horlogerie, as its own FHH Academy prepares to celebrate its 10th anniversary with watchmaking aficionados and industry professionals through a series of events taking place in key markets around the world.
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Amilcar Business promotes training, entrepreneurship, luxury and international business news. We are delighted to present 10 years of the FHH Academy and its training successes.

The year ahead marks a significant moment for the Fondation Haute Horlogerie, as its own FHH Academy prepares to celebrate its 10th anniversary with watchmaking aficionados and industry professionals through a series of events taking place in key markets around the world. The intention: to spread awareness of the Foundation’s educational offerings and highlight the craft of its storied partner brands.

After a decade of shaping horological minds, the FHH Academy proudly celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2024. The organisation’s impressive journey over the years has been marked by several significant achievements, all aimed at spreading and democratising watchmaking education and culture. 

Since its founding, the FHH Academy has empowered over 30,000 alumni with the only international training programme of its kind. Several other highlights have broadened its offering over the past ten years, including the creation of the Watch Live application in 2019, which allowed the Academy’s audience to grow substantially. The successful deployment of Watch Essentials e-modules and live courses, followed by Watch Specialist and Watch Experts courses (in increasing order of difficulty) encompass further turning points over the years. 

Initially, these programmes were aimed at educating members of the watch industry, particularly sales staff. However since 2019, the FHH has opened its Watch Essentials trainings to the general public, with plans in the works to extend this to all its trainings in the near future, in keeping with the Academy’s philosophy of inclusivity and accessibility in the watchmaking sector. 

Furthermore, out of all its students, over 10,000 have gone on to be granted official FHH Certification, the only distinction of its kind in the industry. For its recipients, it represents a deep dive into both the technical mastery and the cultural heritage of watchmaking, offering one a comprehensive understanding that transcends mere mechanics. 

In fact, FHH Certification is a strong selling point for candidate training and recruitment in the watch industry, particularly for retail positions. A wonderful example of its implementation comes from none other than Audemars Piguet, a founding member of the FHH itself. Over the course of only the past year, 120 members of its staff enrolled in FHH Academy programmes managed to attain FHH Certification, with a quarter of them going on further to become FHH Watch Experts, the most elite status the FHH Academy can award. 

As part of this significant year in its history, 2024 will see the FHH Academy gearing up to host a series of dynamic events across key markets around the globe. These events are not only a showcase of the Academy’s rich educational offerings but also an opportunity to celebrate the art of watchmaking with enthusiasts and industry professionals alike.

Anticipation is building as the FHH Academy prepares to unveil the details of these events later in the year. Watch enthusiasts and members of the greater horological community are encouraged to stay connected with the Academy through its website and social media channels for forthcoming updates and announcements providing all the information needed to be part of these unique events— perhaps in a city near you!

More information : https://www.hautehorlogerie.org/en/

About the FHH Academy

Created in 2014, the FHH Academy is the only institution in the world that evaluates, introduces, trains, and certifies general watchmaking knowledge. Originally destined to professionals in the sector, it is now aimed at everyone, as it is also integrated within the programmes of some of the most prestigious universities. This belies a guiding principle of the FHH; that learning and teaching play a preponderant role in the way of understanding the worlds of today and tomorrow. To carry out this mission, the FHH Academy relies on its international network of 22 local trainers, present in 20 countries over four continents. Online, in class or via its Watch Essentials application, the courses aim to meet all aspirations. Available in 11 languages in the form of classes, training courses, workshops or conferences; the content of the FHH Academy is intended to be neutral and comprehensive, covering all aspects of watchmaking, from initiation to professional level. The FHH Academy’s content is constantly enriched in order to meet everyone’s expectations, and now includes training on sustainable development and its concrete application within the industry. An official organisation recognized internationally, the FHH Academy grants the FHH Certification to participants who successfully complete their training.

About the Fondation Haute Horlogerie 

Founded in 2005 by Audemars Piguet, Girard-Perregaux and the Richemont Group, the Fondation Haute Horlogerie (FHH) has since focused its mission on the international influence of watchmaking culture, and positions the watch as an object of art and culture. Point of reference and neutrality for all subjects relating to watchmaking, it relies for this on three complementary pillars intended for a wide audience, made up of industry professionals, individuals, insiders and of amateurs. The first, Watches and Culture by FHH, created in 2021, aims to bring watchmaking culture to life through the creation of original content, events and international meetings, intended jointly for the general public and professionals. As for the FHH Academy, it trains and certifies watchmaking knowledge for today’s professionals and tomorrow’s aficionados. Consisting of a rich and fun offering made up of training courses and certifications, its content is available in class or online in more than 20 countries, making watchmaking knowledge available to all. Finally, the FHH Forum, a discussion and debate platform designed by the industry for the industry, informs, questions and connects the leaders of the sector with the aim of shaping the ecosystem of the future. A circle of around forty watch brands is actively committed to the culture and heritage of watchmaking and offers unwavering support to the Foundation since its creation. Visionaries and the avant-garde actively encourage and support the missions and activities of the FHH.


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