Softech France : integrator of connected and secure solutions

Softech is an integrator of connected and secure solutions, entertainment and artificial intelligence.
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Security has become a vital need in our daily lives. How to use new technologies to improve your daily life? How to use artificial intelligence for useful and controlled purposes? Softech offers to answer their questions and provides solutions to individuals but also to professionals.

Softech France : Home Automation and Smart Security Innovation

Softech is an integrator of connected and secure solutions, entertainment and artificial intelligence in the following areas :

  • Automation
  • Entertainment (sensory music and innovative technologies)
  • Connected Alarm and Remote Monitoring. (Remote maintenance)
  • Automotive and Embedded Security

Security and AI training

At the cutting edge of technology With exceptional expertise in the world of biometrics, facial recognition and identity, Softech brings a new dimension to your home security. With years of professional experience at the forefront of these emerging technologies, the Softech team has perfected the art of ensuring your peace of mind.

Softech expertise

  • Smart Home Automation : Transform your home into a smart and adaptive space with our range of home automation solutions.
  • Reinvented home automation with Zigbee, Z-wave, Matter and RTS interoperability, RF 433, RF 868 and many others.
  • Security Redefined : Your home security reaches new heights with our AI-powered alarm systems.
  • Security & Alarm : Our alarm systems not only detect intrusions, they reinvent the protection of your home.
  • AI (Artificial Intelligence): Our commitment to artificial intelligence transcends the boundaries of home automation and security.
  • Entertainment: Music Room, musical and sensory experience, music control and integrated voice assistant.

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