Cassina x Lancia – Launch Lancia Ypsilon Edizione Limitata Cassina

Next February, the LANCIA YPSILON EDIZIONE LIMITATA CASSINA will be presented in Milan. Available in 1906 numbered and certified pieces, in a 100% electric version.
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Next February, the LANCIA YPSILON EDIZIONE LIMITATA CASSINA will be presented in Milan. Available in 1906 numbered and certified pieces, in a 100% electric version.

Cassina x Lancia – Launch Lancia Ypsilon Edizione Limitata Cassina

Cassina and Lancia, two companies that represent Italian excellence throughout the world, continue their collaboration following the presentation of the Lancia Pu+Ra HPE Concept, with the new LANCIA YPSILON EDIZIONE LIMITATA CASSINA.

Characterised by a 100% BEV engine, it will be available in 1906 numbered and certified pieces, the year of the foundation of the brand based in Turin. The announcement comes today on Lancia’s 117th anniversary, with a first image of the new Ypsilon model that features a unique detail of the “tavolino” (central table), the first-ever in a car, anticipating its strong design approach and Cassina’s production excellence and craftsmanship.

In this extraordinary journey, Cassina and Lancia have created a new design language for the automotive industry, strongly inspired by well-being in the home, to create a sensation of comfort inside the car. This collaboration further confirms the eclectic soul of Cassina who has always been an advocate for design culture and has transferred its expertise to various sectors, from art to fashion, over the years.

The LANCIA YPSILON EDIZIONE LIMITATA CASSINA, which will be presented as a worldwide preview in February 2024 in Milan, represents Lancia’s ambitious electrification strategy, in line with the Stellantis ‘Dare Forward’ strategic plan, and fully represents Cassina’s commitment towards a more circularfuture.

Luca Fuso, Cassina CEO, commented, “We have a very broad vision of design and we believe that it is important to explore new ways to best represent today’s lifestyle. The collaboration with Lancia, a company with whom we share many values such as innovation, research and respect for Italian manufacturing tradition, has allowed us to extend our expertise to the automotive sector with the LANCIA YPSILON EDIZIONE LIMITATA CASSINA.”

Luca Fuso, Cassina CEO

“Today marks the Renaissance of the Lancia brand with the first image of the Lancia Ypsilon, the first of three cars in our Strategic Plan. We celebrate this moment together with Cassina, an expression of the excellence in Italian design, by presenting LANCIA YPSILON EDIZIONE LIMITATA CASSINA, a 100% electric car, in 1906 numbered and certified units, to celebrate the 117 years since the foundation of the brand. Thanks to the collaboration with Cassina, this car becomes the ultimate expression of the home feeling on board a Lancia car, emphasizing attention to detail, materials, colours and spaces, featuring the first-ever onboard “tavolino” in a car to make you feel at home, wherever you are”, added Luca Napolitano, Lancia Brand CEO.

Luca Napolitano, Lancia Brand CEO.

Cassina and Lancia look forward to the launch in February 2024.

The Cassina Perspective

Cassina, founded in Meda in 1927, launched industrial design in Italy during the 1950s by taking a completely new approach that saw a shift from handcraftsmanship to serial production. The company has always had a pioneering attitude thanks to its commitment to research and innovation, combining avant-garde technological skill with traditional craftsmanship. Over the years, it has worked with important architects, designers and creatives to envision new forms and transform them into projects. Today, ‘The Cassina Perspective’ expresses the company’s vision and values through an eclectic collection where innovative products and icons from the Modern Movement come together to create welcoming environments, dialoguing according to a unique design code based on excellence. MORE INFORMATION: – THE CASSINA UNIVERSE ON YOUTUBE: @cassinachannel


With 117 years of history, Lancia represents timeless Italian Elegance, a brand that made people around the globe dream, thanks to its iconic vehicles: the elegant Flaminia and Aurelia B24 Spider, the high-performance Delta, Stratos and037, the eclectic Fulvia, the BetaHPEand many others. Lancia is now ready to start itsRenaissance with a 10-year strategic plan thatismoving ahead in leaps and bounds. Innovation and timeless design have always been the founding principles for the brand. And now sustainability, customer centricity and social responsibility have also become essential, because Lancia is determined to look to the future with great commitment and ambition. More information :

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